Yes, Our first initial visit is free. We offer the inspection for free in order to provide an estimate. If we can assist, we will provide an estimate. If we can’t, we will try to refer to someone who can help.

No, We do not offer re-construction service. We specialize in the mold remediation and water damage mitigation part of the work. You might need general contractor or handyman for the re-construction, if demolition is part of the scope of work.

Yes. We do accept credit cards.

Yes. We work with all of the insurance companies, and can bill them directly if required.

We do not clean window sills, or sky light windows. Mold in window sills is considered as general cleaning.

We are using the Disinfectant, Fungicide, IAQ 2000, which is an EPA approved. For customers that prefer green solution, we have a different solution, such as Benefect Disinfectant.

Mold growth depend on moisture. As long as the source of the moisture is corrected, the mold will not re-grow. Our work is guaranteed as long as the the source of the water has been eliminated.

We are not a leak detection company and can not find the source of the leak. Often, as we open the walls, it becomes very obvious and we can tell the source of the leak or mold.

A typical mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and water damage jobs takes 3-4 days to complete.